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Why are our rabbit luxury fur hot water bottles so nice?

rabbit fur hot water bottle

The Fur Hot Water Bottle Company is very proud of our hot water bottles and cherish each time we fill ones for ourselves! Nothing beats the warmth and texture of a real fur hot water bottle.  

Whether you are working from home and have one at your desk or warming up after a cold wintery walk, our bottles are simply divine. We have many repeat customers over the last 3 years who may have purchased for themselves and then sent to friends or family as a completely unique gift. 

During lockdown we have had parents sending bottles to their relatives as a "hug in a bottle" - what a lovely idea! 

Our bottles are the traditional shaped hot water bottle which hold their heat for hours - the bottles are lined and fur on both sides so capture the heat perfectly. We have even been known to take one of our small hot water bottles in our coat pocket on a walk to keep our hands warm and toasty.