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The Fur Hot Water Bottle Company

Luxury Rabbit Fur Hot Water bottle covers made from the highest quality ethical rabbit fur. 

🇬🇧Made in Britain.🇬🇧

£125.00 - £750.00.

Unparalleled heat retention.

So tactile and amazing to cuddle.

Ethically sourced, biodegradable and sustainable byproduct rabbit fur.

Plastic free real fur.

Sustainable luxury.

Free UK delivery within 1 - 2 business days

Free luxury ribboned gift box.

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Why choose The Fur Hot Water Bottle Company?

The Fur Hot Water Bottle Company | Luxury Fur Hot Water Bottle

The Fur Hot Water Bottle Company

Discover the ultimate luxury hot water bottle

We’re rather proud of our luxury fur hot water bottle covers. Take our Mottled Collection, for example. We’re so proud of them, we individually number every one. Each hot water bottle cover is individually photographed and numbered, and no two are alike. And that’s just the start.

Exceptional inside and out

A luxury fur hot water bottle cover can’t do its job unless it’s wrapped around a quality hot water bottle. That’s why we choose Fashy. Of course every Fashy bottle complies with British Standard BS1970:2012 and carries the CE marking (so you know it’s safe).

And one day in the future when you’re ready to update to a similarly high quality hot water bottle, you’ll be glad to know it’s recyclable too.

Real rabbit fur

The feel of real fur: it’s impossible to resist. In fact, the biggest challenge is choice. Will it be the warming style of our Timeless Colour Collection, the natural hues and feel of the Natural Collection, or the unique individuality and charm of the Mottled Collection?

Whatever your choice, you’ll be glad to know that, because all our rabbit fur is ethically sourced, you can enjoy it guilt free.

Heart warming

The joy of our luxury hot water bottles isn’t only in the using – it’s in the giving. And to make each bottle as effective a heart warmer as it is a body warmer, we present it in a bespoke cotton drawstring bag with understated yet luxurious packaging.

You’ve never felt hot water bottles like ours

"Oooh..." That’s the unmistakeable sound of someone discovering our luxury hot water bottles for the first time. We’d love you to discover them too.

The Fur Hot Water Bottle Company

If you are looking for the most luxurious covered hot water bottles, small hot water bottles, best hot water bottle, hot water bottle cover, hot water bottle with cover or as some say, hottie water bottle, The Fur Hot Water Bottle Company is for you! Enjoy browsing our extensive collection of absolutely unique fur hot water bottle covers which we believe are simply the best hot water bottle covers.

Real Rabbit Luxury Fur Hot Water Bottles (UK and International Delivery)

Unparalleled warmth and comfort from a hot water bottle, in a unique and individually numbered cover. If we sold chocolate it would be the perfect night in.

The warmth of real fur

One touch of our hot water bottle covers and the chances are you’ll never want to let yours go, and there’s a very good reason for that (besides the wonderful softness).

Our hot water bottles manage to achieve the perfect balance between insulation and warmth. That’s the beauty of real fur with a satin or cotton lining – it allows just the right amount of heat to escape.

Ethical real fur hot water bottle cover

Every hot water bottle we produce is covered in soft, luxurious rabbit fur. But if it’s real rabbit fur, how can it be ethical?

Well, it’s ethical for two reasons:

Faux fur; faux ethical:

Faux fur’s intentions may be noble, but there’s no point saving one animal to harm many, many more. The plastics and solvents used in the production of faux fur take hundreds of years to biodegrade, so instead they pollute our land and water courses and the people and animals who rely on them.

Preventing waste:

All our rabbit pelts come from the meat industry. No rabbit is killed to make our hot water bottles. If we didn’t use the pelts, they would simply become waste.

What’s the safest way to fill my hot water bottle?

Our fur hot water bottles are designed to keep you warm and safe – but you can ensure it’s safer still by following these simple tips:

1. Hot not boiling: Your hot water bottle doesn’t need to be filled with scalding water to do its job. The neck of our bottles is generously wide too, to avoid mishaps.

2. Three quarters full: Never overfill a hot water bottle – it’s safer and more comfortable to leave a little space inside.

3. Get rid of the air: When your fur hot water bottle is only three quarters full the rest will, naturally enough, be air. As this is a hot water bottle, not a pillow, you’ll want to get rid of that excess air. Keeping hold of the neck of the bottle, stand it on a hard surface and very gently squeeze so the water climbs to just below the bottle neck. Be careful not to let any water escape. This forces the air out, leaving you free to screw in the stopper and enjoy.

You’ve never felt a hot water bottle like this

"Oooh…" That’s the unmistakeable sound of someone discovering our fur covered hot water bottles for the first time. We’d love you to discover them too.