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You might think we couldn’t make a real rabbit fur hot water bottle any more luxurious. But then we did…

Discover the ultimate luxury hot water bottle

We’re rather proud of our luxury hot water bottle covers. Take our Mottled Collection, for example. We’re so proud of them, we individually number every one. Each bottle cover is individually photographed and numbered, and no two are alike. And that’s just the start.

Exceptional inside and out

A luxury fur hot water bottle cover can’t do its job unless it’s wrapped around a quality hot water bottle. That’s why we choose Fashy. Of course every Fashy bottle complies with British Standard BS1970:2012 and carries the CE marking (so you know it’s safe).

And one day in the future when you’re ready to update to a similarly high quality hot water bottle, you’ll be glad to know it’s recyclable too.

Real rabbit fur

The feel of real fur: it’s impossible to resist. In fact, the biggest challenge is choice. Will it be the warming style of our Timeless Colour Collection, the natural hues and feel of the Natural Collection, or the unique individuality and charm of the Mottled Collection?

Whatever your choice, you’ll be glad to know that, because all our rabbit fur is ethically sourced, you can enjoy it guilt free.

Heart warming

The joy of our luxury hot water bottles isn’t only in the using – it’s in the giving. And to make each bottle as effective a heart warmer as it is a body warmer, we present it in a bespoke cotton drawstring bag with understated yet luxurious packaging.

You’ve never felt hot water bottles like ours

"Oooh..." That’s the unmistakeable sound of someone discovering our luxury hot water bottles for the first time. We’d love you to discover them too.