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British Made Deluxe, Designer Hot Water Bottle Covers

Our British made products are designed to do more than just keep you cosy.

The hot water bottle that makes you feel better

A hot water bottle keeps you warm. Of course it does – the clue’s even in the name. But wrap yourself around one of our deluxe designer hot water bottles and you’ll discover it offers more than mere warmth. The wonderfully soft real fur soothes and calms at the end of a busy day. It helps you relax and acts as a surprisingly effective stress reliever.

The gentle warmth of a hot water bottle is also proven to relieve internal pain such as stomach aches and period pain. Some people find a hot water bottle can relieve back pain. And the NHS suggests alternating between cold packs and hot water bottles can be even more effective.

Small or large?

It’s as much about personal preference as anything, but if you’re torn between a small or large deluxe hot water bottle, consider this:

  • Large stays warmer longer because there’s more water inside
  • Large covers a greater surface area. If, for example, you’re experiencing pain across the base of your spine, a larger hot water bottle will warm more of the area
  • Small is lighter, which may help if you’re using the bottle to ease period pains, for example
  • Small makes targeting warmth easier

The British made hot water bottle

Not all rabbit fur is the same. Not all pelts are of the same quality. That’s why we’re extremely selective about the pelts we choose. It’s also why all our covers are proudly made in Britain, to the highest British quality.

So you know that the cover wrapped around your designer hot water bottle is ethically sourced and beautifully made. It has a low carbon footprint too.

You’ve never felt a hot water bottle like this

"Oooh…" That’s the unmistakeable sound of someone discovering our designer hot water bottles for the first time. We’d love you to discover them too.

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