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Luxury Rabbit Fur Hot Water Bottle | Perfect for travel - Small - #224 - Premium

The Fur Hot Water Bottle Company

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The Mottled Fur Hot Water Bottle Collection represents unparalleled individuality.  No two bottles are alike and are extremely limited. Each Fur Hot Water Bottle in the Mottled Collection is unique as all have individual markings.

The Fur is Winter White with dark brown markings and double sided couture velvet ribbon. Each bottle has been individually photographed and numbered - this bottle is #224.

This particular bottle is considered a Premium bottle as it has especially unusual markings or colouring.

The exceptional quality Fashy bottles inside comply with British Standards, hold 0.8litres of water and are 30cm long, 20cm wide with a wide aperture neck for safe filling.

Each bottle comes with a luxury bespoke cotton drawstring bag for storage with understated yet luxurious packaging